Cha Gio

Cha Gio: Imperial Rolls also called Vietnamese Spring Rolls

We enjoyed our Cha Gio at the tiny, six table restaurant Nam's Red Door in San Pedro, California where the menu hasn't changed one bit in over 30 years.

Chopped pork, crab meat, black mushrooms, cellophane noodles and Asian spices wrapped in rice paper, then fried.

To assemble: wrap the spring roll in a lettuce leaf, add cucumber, mint, and cilantro, then dip in nuoc mam and, if fond of heat, add the ubiquitous Chili Garlic Sauce.
Beverage pairing: Cold Vietnamese Beer "33" Export

Also try:
Mi Xao Ga - crispy egg noodles topped with chicken and vegetables

And for dessert:
Bánh Flan

Caramel custard became part of Vietnamese cuisine through the French colonization of Vietnam. The Vietnamese way is to steam the custard as opposed to the French method of cooking in a bain-marie. Delicious, very light and fluffy.

Ăn nào! Bon appétit !