in appreciation...

Diana, Princess of Wales Hybrid Tea Rose

This is the first bloom on my newly planted Princess Di rosebush, here elegant buds swirl into large, ivory-colored blooms with a soft pink blush and sweet, tea-rose scent. Meant to be a clear reflection of the Princess' warmth and radiance. A tall and stately plant, the pink blush becomes more pronounced as days go by.

This Rose for a Cause is one of the most popular roses by Jackson & Perkins, continuing the Princess' legacy of giving: 10% of net sales goes to The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. They have donated over $682,172 to The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund in support of humanitarian causes.

I want to express my appreciation to fellow bloggers who recognized Taste With The Eyes this month.

Thank you to Carol of Paris Breakfasts for including a photograph from my Afternoon Tea on her adorable "Tiny Teapots" post. 

And to Simona of Briciole for caring to know "six random things" about me...and for teaching me Italian words I can use in the kitchen.

To Amy of Familia Bencomo for the i-love-you-this-much Award, you are so kind.

To Cynthia of Tastes Like Home for the YUMMY BLOG AWARD, much appreciated, means so much to me coming from you!

Giz and Psychgrad from Equal Opportunity Kitchen the E for Excellent Award, I am grateful for this honor!

For me, half of the fun of this food blog is the cooking, photographing, posting and sharing my adventures with food and hearing what you think of them, the other half is reading and enjoying and celebrating your blogs and your successes in the kitchen and beyond. 

Finally, I want to thank every reader for stopping by, and Anonymous (you know who you are, even if I don't), and the readers who may not post a comment, nor have a blog, you are all sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

Now let's eat!