Fagioli al Caviale

White Beans with Caviar inspired by Sophia Loren

"I've been fortunate to have had frequent encounters with caviar. At first glance, the pairing of caviar with beans might seem sinful. But remember the Cinderella story, and the splendid prince who falls in love with the humble, poor-as-a-church-mouse Cinderella. Well, marrying beans with caviar has the same charm." Sophia, from her Recipes & Memories Cookbook

Cooked cannellini beans, at room temperature, are mashed with a drop of the best grade olive oil and a pinch of grey salt, topped with Alverta White Sturgeon Caviar from Petrossian Paris.

Alverta’s color is dark and rich; farmed from mature, white sturgeon in the clear, cold waters of northern California; its medium size bead has a pleasantly firm grain and nutty, buttery flavor.

A special thanks to Don & Kristy for the fish eggs :)