Kir Royale et Macarons

I am the proud owner of some absolutely darling watercolor paintings by very talented artist, Carol Gillott. You can visit her at Paris Breakfasts blog, she paints Paris dreams! A couple of my treasured original paintings are impressions of Ladurée, so of course on our trip to Paris last week, we had to stop in.  Trouble is, however, this was not really a tea drinking crowd.

My brother Don and his best friend Jack

Maybe next trip...

Imagine our delight that late Monday morning as we walked into Ladurée to find Le Bar! A toast to Kristy's 40th birthday with Kir Royale!

Cell phones were ringing. "Meet us at Le Bar at Ladurée!" Within the hour all 8 members of our party were at Le Bar. The atmosphere is so very fabulous and fun, and the bartenders could not have been more engaging.

What vacations are all about!  Dessert and Champagne to start the day. This is the famous Ispahan Verrine with flavors of raspberry, lychee, and rose.

Oh you must try the Chocolate Verrine too!

Of course we had to do a little shopping. Ladurée's mascot looks a lot like my Wilson, don't you think?

Wilson The One-Eyed Boston Terrier
(visit some of his adventures here)

Macaron Heaven

Le Petit Déjeuner 

On the day of our departure Susan and I had a later flight, so we returned to Ladurée for breakfast. My omelette a la truffe noire...stuffed with shaved black truffles.

The most perfect rolls and jauntiest wrapped butter to accompany le omelette...

And dreamy coffee service...

Breakfast: simple and oh so sublime.

75 Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Let's meet again at Ladurée!

Side note: I flew to Paris on Air France. My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of those who flew on Flight 447. May those travelers Rest In Peace.