Chile Verde & Jamaica Soda

A pork stew made with cubed pork shoulder, various types of green chiles, tomatillos, garlic, white onion, chicken stock, Mexican oregano, cumin, and bay. It is the garnish that really perks up this dish. Garnished here with small diced jalapeno and white onion, avocado, cilantro, panela cheese, and a squeeze of lime.

Panela is a soft, mild, fresh cheese made in Mexico that does not run when heated, it keeps its shape and simply gets soft and creamy in this hot stew. Delicioso!

A Mexican beer would certainly complement this hot and spicy dish, or try this refreshing ice cold hibiscus flavored Jamaica Soda from Jarritos.

Jarritos was Mexico's first national soft drink in 1950 and is now the best selling Mexican soft drink in the U.S. I am fond of Jamaica because it is not too sweet. It's been called the "Mexican Iced Tea."